Jonathan Roach
Jonathan founded The Law Firm of Jonathan A. Roach, PLLC after leaving a prestigious boutique law firm practicing in the area of municipal law.  This action was guided by the belief that the practice of law should be a personal and client-focused profession rather than simply an impersonal business.  This philosophy allows him to provide dedicated, attentive representation that satisfies each client’s specific needs.  He has handled the creation and representation of municipal utility districts, other special purpose districts and worked hand in hand with residential/commercial developers throughout the state of Texas.  He has consistently received the highest praises for his expertise, professionalism and personal dedication.

Prior to establishing the Firm, Jonathan worked for some of the most influential law firms and lawyers in the special district and residential/commercial development industries.  This experience has given him the knowledge and skills necessary to provide expert legal advice in the areas of construction, contract negotiation, development, environmental, public finance, and various other local, state and federal regulatory matters.  Jonathan also draws on the experience and political relationships he gained as a judicial clerk and briefing attorney on the Fourteenth Court of Appeals.  Previously, he learned the value of listening and responding to the client’s needs while volunteering for a legal aid clinic for under-represented individuals in family law, guardianship and social security matters.
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Mr. Roach's Professional Resume

Frank Mitchell 
Frank dedicated more than 20 years of his professional career serving the community in various capacities as a law enforcement officer.  He has served a number of local police departments and acted as a contract liaison officer for area neighborhoods and special districts.  Frank shifted his focus from enforcing the law to upholding it and helping others with legal matters when he founded the Law Office of Frank Mitchell based primarily in Conroe, Texas.  He now serves as partner for the Firm, and focuses his practice on assisting the Firm and its clients on the full range of legal matters faced.

Frank’s philosophy as an attorney is to provide the highest level of client satisfaction, and aims to do so with a thoughtful and dedicated approach to achieving client-specific results.  He consistently receives praise from clients and professional colleagues for his competency and personal attention.

Prior to entering the legal profession, Frank earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law while maintaining a full-time supervisory position in law enforcement and raising a family.  He also previously obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management from Bellevue University where he graduated with honors.

Daniel Scruggs (Associate)